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  • undefined undefined These bundles were created with the harvest festivals and upcoming Samhain/Halloween celebration in mind, but you can use these smoke wands for any ceremony or occasion. Loops are included on the end of each bundle for the option to hang them on display should you not wish to burn them right away.

    While several styles of Samhain Bundles have been created, only 9 of these particular Samhain wands were created (5 featuring mini Roses and 4 with Carnations). This listing is for one wand/bundle, which measures about 8” in length. You can choose from Purple cotton thread (mini Roses) or Orange cotton thread (a single Carnation) at the center. The Purple thread/Rose bundles also contain yellow Yarrow and small Asters. The Orange thread/Carnation bundles have Lemongrass accents. To see the other styles of Samhain offerings, please see the “Samhain” section in our shop at this link:§ion_id=35411105

    All plants used in our bundles are homegrown with love or sustainably sourced. Other plants included in these wands are: naturally wind-fallen Western Red Cedar and Northern White Cedar, purple and white Statice, Goldenrod, yellow Chrysanthemums, Prairie Sage (an Artemisia), Lavender flowers, Calendula, and Marigolds.

    ****WARNING - Fire Hazard****
    Burning any kind of incense or plant material poses a fire risk, so treat these bundles with respect and common sense. Never leave burning incense unattended. Only burn in well ventilated areas over fire-proof surfaces. These items are not intended for direct inhalation. Keep burning items away from children. Burn as you would an incense.
    Buyer assumes all liability for using product responsibly.

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