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“May you set your intentions ablaze ” 

The energetically rich scent combination of our Ritual Candle will purify your space and attract good spirits, opening and leading the way to your intended practice. 

Blended with Palo Santo, originally from South America, which helps to purify, cleanse energies, and promote healing. White Birch is a lively and high-spirited essence of advice and instruction; it can stop unwanted energies from entering your sacred space and help to dissolve any that are already there. Sweetgrass helps to attract good spirits and positive energies, leaving your space ready for your intended ritual. 

Close your eyes and feel the power of these rich scent combinations swirling through the area, lighting the dark, cleansing your space, and preparing you for ritual. 

Scent: Palo Santo, White Birch, and Sweetgrass

Size: 9 oz reusable jar 

Candle burn time: 45-50 hours

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