Organic Bee Poster - 2 sizes- Decor

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Hand-drawn bee on organic poster paper by NADESIGN. One of the ingredients in this unique poster paper is elephant dung. Yes, you read it right. The paper gets its coarse texture and unique color from one of its main ingredients: elephant dung obtained from a local Dutch zoo. Not to worry, the heating process makes it odorless. 

Use enclosed cloths pins for easy hanging or purchase the poster hanging system for a more complete look. Because the sheets are torn off during the production process measurements may vary slightly.




SMALL: 78 x 50 cm or 31 x 19.6 in

LARGE: 100 x 78 cm or 39 x 31 in


Elephant Dung + Organic Paper Pulp


When taking poster out of box, do not roll back poster, but spray back lightly with water and wait for it to straighten out. 

Please note: actual colors may vary slightly from images due to computer settings and/or the unique nature of our products.

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