New Eco friendly Bio Degradable Cotton Rope Squirrel Dog Toy, Chew toy, great for healthy teeth and a happy puppy

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: cotton, hemp

  •   Thanks for your interest in my eco-friendly dog toys.
    I am a UK seller based in London who is tired of buying plastic toys for my own dog.

    I discovered these rope toys and fell in love with them for my dog Olive - as seen in the pictures.

    We all know as dog owners that our dogs can get through a lot of toys in one year, if you are buying plastic toy after plastic toy we are increasing more plastic waste.
    I specifically sourced these dog toys as they are biodegradable and will make you feel less guilty if your dog has a high turn over on toys.

    Olive loves these toys and I am sure your doggo will too.
    Follow Olive's instagram on @olive.thecavapoochon

    Eco-friendly dog toys made from biodegradable dyed cotton.
    Crocheted to make lovely squirrel design.
    Easy to clean, machine washable.
    Great for chewing to keep your dogs teeth clean.
    Feel less bad about your dog destroying toys that pollute the earth.
    All orders are sent in recyclable packaging.

    Size 16cm by 10cm

    Please note: No toys are indestructible, so please make sure you supervise your dog when they are playing with the toy, if the toy gets damaged or destroyed by your dog sadly I will not be able to accept any refund requests. Your dog is your responsibility and you control how they play.

    We supply a range of different fun designs that your pet will love

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