Lovely Eco-friendly Silica Gel Bucket And Sand And Shovel Beach Toy Set For Children Playing

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Made of silicone material, durable and safe, good elasticity, good toughness, high tear strength

An excellent toy that promotes children's potential creativity, imagination and socialization, and is resistant to high temperatures.

The perfect birthday gift, summer gift for kids over 3 years old.

Get this now and have fun for the whole family.


1 * Beach toy set


The color may vary from monitor to monitor.

  • 1. The surface of the product is smooth and the color is bright.
  • 2. Healthy and environmentally friendly, no peculiar smell, shockproof, mildew proof and sun protection.
  • 3. Good elasticity and toughness, high tear strength, good flatness, and high temperature resistance strength.
  • 4. Waterproof, durable, anti-aging, moderately hard and flexible, safe and odorless, not easy to stain and can be washed with water.
  • 5. The surface is smooth and supple, bright and colored, moderately soft and flexible.

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