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  • undefined undefined Four unique herbal bouquets were lovingly created with sustainably grown and gathered flora. These particular bouquets contain a mix of plants long associated with blessings and prosperity: Lemongrass, Prairie Sage (Artemisia ludoviciana), Garden sage, Basil, Lemon Balm, Tulsi, flowering Oregano, Solstice Wort, Juniper (Eastern Red Cedar) heavy with berry-cones, Marigolds, Baby’s Breath, and a half lemon slice. They make wonderful gifts for new home blessings, space cleansing, or for simply blessing yourself.

    This listing is for one bundle. They are wrapped with yellow cotton string and measure between 6” and 7” long. Each bundle has a loop on the end for the option to hang by a doorway or keep on display before use. Once these sell out I will not be making any more exactly like this for quite some time.

    All plants we do not grow ourselves are either sustainably wild-crafted, naturally shed from wind or fallen trees, or come from growers using sustainable practices.

    ****WARNING - Fire Hazard****
    Keep out of reach of children. Burning any kind of incense or plant material poses a fire risk, so treat these bundles with respect and care. Never leave burning incense unattended. Only burn in well ventilated areas over fire-proof surfaces. These items are not intended for direct inhalation. Burn as you would an incense.
    Buyer assumes all liability for using product responsibly.

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