Felted Wool Cat Cave, Eco Friendly, Luxurious Cat Bed, Colorful, Elegant Designs, Natural Felted Wool, Handmade Cat House, Color White

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: New Zealand wool

  •   Modern house for modern cat. Art design from wool felt, each as unique as your cat. Living, sleeping space for your beloved best friend, made with soft hands and wild heart from high-quality, natural, ecological Australian merino wool. Perfect for Cats to play and sleep inside or on top. Comfortable bed for your pets healthy sleeping and rest. TECHNIQUE: handmade, wet felted.

    • Handmade, wool felt cat house are durable and easily cleaned.
    • Comfortable bed for your pet's healthy sleeping and rest.
    • It is super soft and warm, so your pet will feel happy when in it.
    • Perfect for Cats to play and sleep inside or on top
    • Modern, beautifully designed from sheep wool cat house, bed, cave.
    APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS: items are handmade, so, every piece is different, measurements are approximate, and there are lots of deed, from what measurements depends.

    SIZE: large, L for 6-8 kg (12-16 pounds) cat.
    Length: 43/46cm 17/18 inches
    Width: 36/39cm 14/15 inches
    Height: 27/30cm 11/12 inches
    Hole: diameter 17/18cm 7 inches

    Handmade, cat house from felted sheep wool is durable and easily cleaned.
    • Use a vacuum machine.
    • If cat house is slightly messy: wipe dirt and dust off with a clean, dry cloth or dry sponge.
    • If it is more soiled: clean with a soft sponge and little warm water.
    • Got something really nasty? Find a soft bristle brush, use it with warm water and add little soap.
    • Wash your cat house in washing machine using hand or wool wash programs. Wool has a natural self-cleaning characteristic, so a full bath is rarely necessary.
    Please remember use of many soap and hot water will result in further felting your cat house, destroying piling and creating fuzz. More at kivikis in YouTube

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