Extensible Bamboo Cutting Board Set Eco-friendly

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Cutting board is made of 100% natural bamboo FDA approved, an incredibly durable material, antimicrobial, antibacterial,

anti-scratch but gentle on knives. The board is well polished with a smooth surface, no artificial coatings

Don't occupy a large room of your kitchen with its extensible frame underneath the cutting board; 5 containers enough to retain chopped fruits vegetables or meat, even 1 container for the kitchen waste; an extra plastic board to hold your

phone or tablet for recipes.

Newly innovated with design patent to meet all your cooking expectations, you have NEVER seen a cutting board like this which will bring you more happiness during cooking! Built to cut meat, chop veggies, prep dishes, storage, etc.

Wash the bamboo cutting board and containers with warm water and soap, simply hand wash or wipe with a damp cloth. Non-Slip black feet provide enhanced stability and keep the bottom clean

It could be Used as cutting, carving board for preparation before cooking, heavy-duty butcher block for chopping, cheese or serving board for Charcuterie Platter


 Save trees: bamboo is a grass, no trees are cut.

 No pesticides: no artificial pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation.

 Rapidly renewable: bamboo is ready to harvest in just 3-5 years.

 Panda safe: our bamboo is not a habitat or food source for pandas.

 No plastic or BPA: just natural bamboo with food-safe adhesives, FDA approved.

 Do you get tired of the one you had before - it might be too heavy and uncomfortable to move around.

STORY before product:

Cooking is fun! But not the cleaning up

What is the best way to cook without the kitchen looking like a battlefield afterward?

It comes to the idea to develop a new cutting board which isn't in a big size, but with comprehensive function.

And above all one thing: the possibility of immediate waste disposal and food classification.

This made preparation, cooking and tidying up much easier and immediately resulted in significant time savings.

Oh! The big plus of this cutting board is a juice groove. This allows catching juices from things like tomatoes, oranges,


Bamboo cutting board with 5 boxes, it is around 2.3 KG .

Product including the package box will be 2.5 kg. The bamboo cutting board is around 1.91Kg . 5 BOXES are 414 g.

Board cutting board : length , width, height:  43cm*28cm*1.8cm . 

Shipping parcel of this product : 44cm*29cm*11.5cm .


1> Hand washes your natural bamboo cutting board in warm water & soap.

Towel or air dry. Recommend to use bamboo revitalizing oil.

2> Please do not soak your bamboo (or any wood) cutting board.

3> Proper care will ensure a long life for your bamboo cutting board.

Package Include:

1x Durable Bamboo

5x Plastic Containers

3x Stainless Steel hideaway Holder

4x Silicone cushion feet mat

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