ECO Phone Case Series For Samsung S20

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 A fully 100% biodegradable mobile phone case that  will decompose in less than 1 year,  our great mix of bio materials help to reduce the plastic pollution in our planet, providing an amazing products to give not just cool and nice protection for your phone, but also creating a BIG POSITIVE IMPACT to our beautiful planet, with less plastic contamination in our oceans, forest and beaches.

Did you know that at  least 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year,  we can help to reduce that number using 100% Biodegradable products.

Time to change, and be more responsible. Let's help our planet at the same time you protect your phone.

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We believe that together we can BUILD a better future. One that will BLOSSOM bright. By making sustainable changes to everyday products. BuildtoBlossom carefully selects every eco-friendly product, with our consumer and planet always in mind. <3