Eco Friendly Bath & Shower Pouf | Loofah | Wash Cloth Hybrid - 100% Cotton

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: cotton, love

  • undefined undefined Handmade by me with 100% Cotton.

    ##December 1st, 2021 is the last day to place orders with my shop to ensure it arrives on or before Christmas Eve w Free Shipping##

    This will probably ship out much faster than listed, but with the holidays approaching, I have altered the lead time a bit.

    ***If you are looking for the same lather/Suds as that of the plastic/nylon Loofahs one would find in a store, this might not be for you. Cotton is a natural fiber that likes to absorb water.

    Please read the entire listing. 😊

    This Bath 🛀 Pouf Wash Cloth Hybrid is Eco-friendly ♻️ and can be used countless times as it can be laundered. It can also be recycled and tossed in for composting.

    This listing includes:

    1 Bath Pouf Wash Cloth Hybrid with the dimensions of approx. 4x4, weighing about 2.5-3 oz while dry

    Please keep in mind, these items are handmade and the dimensions may alter slightly.

    Cotton Shower Poufs have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to use and lather. After washing it before its first use, please consider the following instructions.

    ***To use, it is best to saturate the pouf with shower or bath water. Give it a squeeze, then add your shower gel or body wash.

    Washing Instructions:

    Although I have laundered the Bath Pouf in allergy free detergent, I do recommend each pouf be washed prior to first use. DO NOT use fabric Softener.

    Air dry your Shower/Bath Pouf in between uses outside of your shower(to avoid the lingering moisture & humidity). In the winter, I like to put mine over a heat vent. And in the summer, I secure mine outside on my patio or balcony.

    All items can be easily laundered in the Wash Machine on cold with like colors(Reds, purples, darker hues, etc washed with dark colors), and tumble dry on low or air dry. For easier retrieval from your machine, a lingerie bag can be very handy.

    It is common for cotton to shrink a bit in the wash, but a little stretch while they are wet works like a charm.

    It is also common for cotton to “shed” a bit even after a few washes. This will not last long, but worth mentioning.

    Please be advised, face cleansers, toners, body washes etc, may discolor or fade the cotton yarn.

    Cotton Yarn is sourced from different manufacturers and while all the cottons are soft/gentle, some other cottons might be softer than others. This will not change how the products work or feel when you are using it with your favorite soap and or body wash in the shower/bath.

    If you would like to purchase a different set amount and/or in a different color, please message me & I will be happy to work with you.

    Items/props in the photographs are not included in the sale of this Bath Pouf.

    Colors may appear different on different devices/screens.

    1 Bath Pouf is gently wrapped in tissue paper & ships in an eco friendly compostable or recyclable mailer bag. If multiple Poufs or other items from my shop are purchased together, they will ship in an appropriately sized box.

    Please allow more time for processing if you are ordering a custom color.

    It is worth noting that my Las Vegas, NV home is smoke-free.

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