Celestite Raw Geode Crystal Cluster - AAA Grade Collector's Quality - Eco-Friendly Polished Celestine Stone Specimen

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  • undefined undefined Raw Celestite Crystal Cluster Specimen

    Weight: 2.57 pounds
    Dimensions: 4.50” L x 3.50” W x 2.50” H
    Grade: AAA Grade
    Origin: Madagascar
    Polished: Yes; Grapeseed Oil

    This variety of celestite (AKA celestine) is graded AAA for containing superb crystal color, high translucency, with minimal surface mineral deposits. The finest quality celestite specimens in the world come from Madagascar. Most celestite deposits yield pale to light blue crystals that have a large rock matrix attached and frequently show signs of damage. However we exclusively source our celestite crystals from a co-op that prioritizes quality over quantity and the geodes feature an intense blue color that can be challenging to find. This celestite geode cluster is 100% natural and has never processed beyond our own eco-friendly methods of cleaning and polishing. This helps remove loose sediment from the geode and provides a higher crystal to rock ratio. Our specimens are sourced from miners who are highly educated and experienced on how to properly excavate the crystals in a way to minimize damage and protect the surrounding environment which makes for exceptionally high quality specimens.

    Note: Keep in mind, all celestite/celestine geodes in their raw state can be somewhat unstable as the hardness across the stone varies. Celestite is a relatively soft crystal and we take care to protect their delicate structure during the shipping process. Cleaning and polishing celestite with our environmentally conscious methods helps to increase crystal stability by removing loose sediment and crystal bits. However it is common with all raw forms of celestite to occasionally shed a small amount of loose sediment when being frequently handled. Therefore it is best to be very gentle holding and moving celestite crystal geodes.

    This is a one of a kind stone and by purchasing this listing you will receive the exact crystal specimen photographed.

    Ideal as a decoration or centerpiece, this stone would also make for a thoughtful gift to anybody who admires what nature can produce.

    Photographing stones and crystals while wet can be deceiving, as once dry they may not look nearly as visually appealing. That is why each crystal has been triple-cleaned, meaning they have been soaked in a natural acidic solution with vinegar to remove excess mineral deposits, washed with a plant-based soap, and rinsed with collected rainwater. Lastly, every piece is personally touched and hand polished with an organic plant-based oil to bring out the shine of the crystals and enhance the color of the stone. This removes mining dust, dirt, debris, and loose chips. Yet it keeps all of the natural raw features intact and gives each piece a clean, vibrant appearance that will last for many years to come. Vinegar is a good alternative for cleaning stones compared to harsh chemical acids, but does require patience since the pH is higher than hydrochloric acid. Plant-based oils are completely harmless to use for polishing all types of gemstones and crystals and are much safer and easier to work with compared to toxic mineral oils derived from petroleum. Occasionally there may be some light residue left on the stone which can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

    Each raw crystal is ethically sourced from Madagascar using artisanal surface mining methods. This type of excavation leaves a minimal carbon footprint and also does not contribute to environmental destruction by releasing chemicals or toxins that can harm the ecosystem. By supporting small family-owned mines, it helps stimulate local economies and divest resources away from deforestation and other industries based on exploitation.

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