100% Cotton Flannel Towels. Reusable Paper Towels. All Cotton. Un-Paper Towels. Cloth Paper Towels. Paperless Towels 12x10 in.

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: cotton

  •   Reusable un-paper towels are an eco friendly and economical alternative to regular paper towels. Instead of using a paper towel once and then throwing it in the landfill, try a natural cloth towel instead.

    * this set contains 12 towels

    * 12x10 inches, 1 ply thickness

    * machine washable, tumble dry

    * rolls easily onto a cardboard roll, use on your current paper towel holder

    Our paperless towels are made of 100% cotton flour sack material and are great for cleaning countertops, windows, hands, faces, or whatever you would use a paper towel for!

    Washing your paperless towels couldn't be easier- just toss them in the laundry, they don't need special care. You can even just rinse them out the sink if you prefer, and they'll air dry quickly on their own.

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