Organic Elderberry Syrup For Babies

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No honey. No sugar. No sweeteners.

Suitable for babies who started solid foods (4 months +)

Cold & Flu Relief. Immune Support. Allergy Relief.

Made with only certified organic ingredients.

Fresh | Pure | Organic

Freshly made in small batches in Orlando, Florida!

Nothing added to extend shelf-life!

This is as close as you can get to eating the fresh elderberries off the bush!

It doesn't even compare to the processed elderberry products sitting on store shelfs forever.

For immune support, use 1 tsp. twice a week. If you feel the onset of cold/flu or allergies acting up, up the dose to 1 tsp. per day.

It can be mixed with hot or cold food/beverages.

Elderberry is also a natural laxative (in case you need that)!

Freshness alert! Refrigerate & enjoy within 6 months.

Keep in the fridge before + after opening.


  • Certified Organic Elderberry
  • Certified Organic Cinnamon
  • Certified Organic Ginger (We only use fresh ginger, which retains more of its medicinal properties than powder ginger)
  • Certified Organic Cloves

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