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Dog Shampoo Bar - 4.5 ounce bar - This rich and creamy conditioning shampoo bar is unscented. I love this bar, I use it on my dogs all the time. I have a greyhound that always had dandruff, after using this bar, his dandruff is gone. On my German Shepherds it leaves their coats soft and fluffy. This bar lathers nicely and rinses out of their fur so easily. I also did not use any scent in this bar so it would be eco friendly and not bother the dogs sense of smell. If you like camping with your dogs and want to bath them in the stream, there is nothing in this bar that would hurt the eco system. Being a bar soap this is really easy to use, especially if your dogs do not like baths and are squirmy. You can lather the soap in hands or do what i do, just rub the bar all over their fur. Then I rub it in and get a nice lather going. A quick rinse, gets all the soap out. After your pup dries, just give them a good brush. Your dogs fur will be shiny and soft to the touch! This is a 3 pack - you get all three lovely bars for $12.50. If you do not want all three you can buy individual bars.Colors may vary batch to batch.

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