Sustainable iPhone Charging Cable Bleu

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Ghost Net Le Cord Bleu 

Premium 2 meter USB A to Lightning cable.

The world's first and only Apple certified charging cable made of recycled ocean plastics!

Connector shells made of recycled fishing net plastics collected from the fishing industry and the oceans. The "Ghost Nets" specifically are abandoned fishing nets floating around in the oceans killing marine life. If not rescued, these nets will float around for hundreds of years until degenerated into micro plastics.

·  Braided with recycled RPET textile sleeving in blue pattern. 

·  Apple MFI Certified. 100% Apple original components.

·  Strong and durable. Tested for 15.000 bendings. 

·  Supports iPhones and iPads manufactured after 2013.

Recharge the Oceans!

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