Spiced Vanilla Glaze Massage Oil

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What better way to unwind from life’s stresses with your favorite person than with a decadent bottle of sumptuous vanilla massage oil warmed with a hint of cinnamon. Add some champagne to the mix, and you have the ultimate formula for an evening of sensory pleasure to set your mind and muscles at ease.

So Natural You Can Eat it!

Each bottle is infused with a whole bourbon vanilla bean (the highest quality vanilla from Madagascar), a timeless aphrodisiac to get you in a passionate mood.

A Base of Oils Recommended by Massage Therapists

We use the finest all natural massage oils in our base:

  • Sweet Almond Oil- Anti-inflammatory with excellent silky slip, sweet almond oil is used by massage therapists at upscale spas worldwide.
  • Coconut Oil- Highly nourishing and non-greasy, coconut oil also won’t stain the sheets!

With the Warmth of Cinnamon

Cinnamon, a natural way to warm the skin, leaves a bit of a tingle!

The Legend of Vanilla

Vanilla originated in modern Mexico, where it was believed to arouse sexual desires by the Tutonacs and Aztecs. When the Spanish conquistadors brought spicy vanilla back to Europe from the New World, it was considered a “hot” spice, and prescribed as a tincture to ensure male potency, and “stimulate the sexual propensities.” Daring European ladies would apply the sultry vanilla pod fragrance behind their ears to provoke the cozy pleasures of warm sweets, and found success in hypnotizing an audience.

“This massage oil smells so delicious! The best part was waking up to the smell on the sheets, and remembering such a relaxing night!”

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