Purple Grey Tartan Eco Scarf - Softer than Cashmere 100% Silk

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What makes your Knot Theory silk scarf special?
Your scarf is made of 100% natural mulberry silk. It is softer than cashmere wool scarves, and is earth-friendly.

This Scarf = Growing 16 Mulberry Trees

Better than cashmere
  • BETTER THAN CASHMERE - made of 100% mulberry silk - super soft and never itchy - comfortable even on the most sensitive neck
  • EARTH FRIENDLY SILK - 16 mulberry trees were grown to create this scarf, generating a carbon offset that is over 700 times its weight
  • WARM & MOISTURE-WICKING - silk regulates your body temperature, and wicks 1.8 times more moisture than wool, keeping you warm and sweat-free under the scarf
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT - keeps you warm without the strangling sensation of a heavy scarf
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL & ANTI-FUNGAL - the scarf stays fresh and is odor, fungus, and bacteria resistant
Why is this scarf earth-friendly?
Mulberry trees are one of the best carbon sequestering trees, meaning they store a large amount of carbon dioxide. The silk thread is spun by silkworms, who only eat mulberry leaves. To feed the silkworms, pesticide-free mulberry trees are cultivated. These mulberry trees absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, offsetting the greenhouse effect (called carbon offset). 
In the processing of creating this scarf, 16 mulberry trees were grown, generating a carbon offset that is over 700 times its weight!

Why choose us?

Our Brand philosophy

We believe that together we can BUILD a better future. One that will BLOSSOM bright. By making sustainable changes to everyday products. BuildtoBlossom carefully selects every eco-friendly product, with our consumer and planet always in mind. <3