Paws & Pals Pet Cleansing Wipes for Dogs and Cats Unscented Eco-Friendly (120 Count)

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Paws & Pals


| Pet Grooming Soothing Unscented Bamboo Wipes for Dogs and Cats | (120 Count)

Our wet cleaning bamboo wipes are a safe way to clean your pet's entire body including their coat, face, ear, butt, nose, and paw. They are an excellent way to freshen up your pet by wiping away dirt and removing odors after walks and between baths. Seriously, your puppy or kitten will love the soft touch on their bum. Just think of it as a doggy deodorant! Plus, they're veterinarian-approved and healthy for both your pet and the environment! They're made from bamboo which naturally breaks down so you won't find them floating in the ocean.

Use after bathtime for an extra fluffy coat!

• Scent-less
• Eco-friendly material (Made from bamboo)
• Healthy ingredients
• Paraben-free
• 120 wipes per package

Warranty: 30-day limited manufacturer's warranty.

  • CLEAN PAWS: Remove dirt, sand, mud, and more from their whole body; Best for cleaning between bath
  • DIMENSIONS: Each wipe is 9 inches x 6 inches and contain 120 wipes per package.
  • SAFE: The wipes are Hypo-Allergenic, Fragrance-Free, and formulated for sensitive skin. Plus, daily wipe downs will remove outdoor allergens from your dog's coat, making this an excellent product to combat pet dander and unpleasant smells. Great for small to large dogs.
  • FRESH & CLEAN: Our Pet Wipes clean your pet, restore your pet's coat, moisturizes, soothes and relieves. They also remove surface dirt, sand, mud, and dirt floating on top of your pet's coat. They're incredibly helpful for cleaning small areas such as dirty paws or mud on your dog's muzzle and are terrific for spot cleaning.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Totally earth friendly; the bamboo base allows the wipes to break down quickly (you won't find them in a landfill).

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