Large Catnip Mouse - Canvas and Leather Cat Toy

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  • Handmade
  •   *This listing is for one large catnip mouse. Please see my other listings for a set.*

    This handmade toy is sure to get your cat's attention! Made with natural canvas, leather, organic catnip, and fiberfill stuffing (made from recycled materials) separately encased within.

    This mouse is designed to be small enough to toss around and still big enough to kick. It is approximately 3.5 inches in length, not including the tail. The plush filling is encased within the toy so all the catnip stays just beneath the surface.

    Can be made with:

    1) Organic Catnip - A favorite of many felines
    2) A mix of Catnip and Valerian - If you cat doesn't react to catnip, he may enjoy valerian. Warning: Valerian has a strong/pungent/foul smell to most humans, but many cats really love it! We mix it with catnip to combat this odor.
    3) Herb Free

    Note: This toy is made of durable canvas but as with any cat toy, it should be discarded if it starts to come apart from vigorous play. There may be slight variations.

    A portion of each sale will be donated to CARES cat shelter.

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