Kessab Aleppo Syrial Natural Laural Soap with Laurel Extra 3 Packs

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Nourishes and refreshes skin
Deep-rooted nourishment for hair
Reduces hair loss
Unifies skin color
Removes acnes and blackheads


Olive Oil - Laurel Oil -Natural herbal _ Extracts Soaping materials

We offer the elite of natural laurel soaps that made of laurel oil; so called the ‘magic oil’, as its benefits for skin and hair. Laurel oil is natively found in Mediterranean countries. Laurel soap comprises a group of oils including the most important one; olive oil. Olive oil does not contain any scents or chemical materials that can harm skin or hair. Olive oil nourishes, regenerates and refreshes skin cells. It has no side effects especially on sensitive epidermis. It also strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss, shines and gives hair smoothness. Olive oil delays appearance of grey hair and helps in getting rid of annoying dandruff.

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