Hemp Biodegradable 3 Toy Pack Handmade Dog Throw Rope Toys, Eco Friendly, SUSTAINABLE, Non Toxic- for SmallMedium Dogs & Puppies

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  • Handmade
  •   We give your fur babies only the best care, quality & materials. Loved Paws dog toys are Eco Friendly and Handmade from 100% Hemp. * This 3 piece set of rope, throw and chew toys are non toxic and healthy for your dogs. Our toys are Biodegradable & Chemical free. That means safety for your dog & the environment. * Your dog will enjoy the texture & smell and will repeatedly choose this toy.
    - Hemp is sustainable! -

    Made for puppies & small/medium dogs. Loved Paws toys are plastic free, toxin free, handmade, natural color, no bleaching, no harmful dyes or glues. Synthetic dyes & plastics aren't safe for your loved ones. Just 100% hemp. Thats it! - Additional added value! - these toys are naturally antimicrobial & anti mildew, mold resistant, & hypoallergenic. Each dog has their own level of chew intensity and should be monitored and should not be swallowed. These toys are super fun but they are not indestructible. Why not give your pet the best quality fun toys?

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