Coconut Coir Utensil Scrub (6 pack/12 pack)

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Say goodbye to having bits of steel and synthetic scrubs in your food. Check out our 100% natural scrub that is safe on coated utensils unlike steel scrubs and cleans better than anything plastic. Now in the traditional circular shape. Made using 100% naturally processed bristle coir fibre by artisans in India.


Features of the Coconut Coir Utensil Scrub:

    • 100% Natural Coir Scrub stitched together with cotton thread

    • Made from coconut fiber these are naturally anti-microbial and keeps the dishes whistle clean.

    • Great replacement for plastic utensil cleaners, best of all no micro plastics going down the drain!

    • Very handy and comfortable to hold

Use of the Scrubbing Coconut Fibre Brush:

    • Rinse it after each use.

    • Store it in a dry place.

    • If the sponge changes colour or starts to smell, it is time to replace it.

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