Husky Dog Cafe Bangkok Thailand

Some of us love to go out for a cup of coffee or tea. Some of us love dogs. But what if you love both! If you ever find yourself visiting Bangkok in Thailand please make the husky cafe one of your stops! We promise you won’t regret it. 

 Nestled in a small alley in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. There is a place called the Husky Cafe and it is just that. A small cafe filled with the friendliest huskies you have ever met. If you are a lover of dogs then this is a must visit in bangkok. I was in heaven with these furry friends and there are two sessions daily for 500 baht which is equivalent to $15.82 usd. The session includes your choice of a beverage or small snack. Note this is an alcoholic free place. The first session starts at 12pm and playtime with the pups is from 1-2pm. The second session begins at 3pm. Playtime is from 4-5pm. Keep in mind these dogs are very well taken care of. The owner considers every single one of them her children. When they aren’t outside for playtime they are in an air conditioned room where there are  kennels. The Huskies are given the freedom and space to roam around. When you do visit there are a few rules to follow and out of respect for the owner. And most importantly the dogs. Please be kind and adhere to them. Before you enter to play with the puppies ( all dogs are puppies no matter what their age. Am I right?) .You must wash your hands and put paper booties over your socks (Yes you have to take your shoes off) This is to prevent the pups from getting sick.


Once they have given you the breakdown of the rules. It’s time to get your love on with some pooches. When you enter the outdoor play area. You are allowed to roam freely and pet, play and take pictures with the pups. We promise it is loads of fun. The staff is there to assist and they are pretty good photographers as well. Make sure to have your phone and camera ready. One trick set your camera to slow motion to catch cool videos of the pups in action. There are many photo opportunities for memories to last. 

Disclaimer: We were not paid in any way in writing this blog. 

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