Chasing Waterfalls is one of our favorite hobbies during our travels. KRKA National Park is a magical natural wonder. KRKA National park is a day trip one that you don’t want to miss! Located about an hour north of Split, in Lozovac Croatia. This is a perfect trip for a hot day and anyone that loves to immerse themselves in the waters. We recommend a visit during the summer months as this is when swimming is allowed.. There are five official entrances to the park. However, when you reach them you aren't quite at the falls yet. We preferred the Skradin entrance because you get to take an extremely beautiful 20 minute  ferry ride to the falls. Park entrance is 150 kuna = $23.11 usd. That includes the ferry to the falls.The ride is a scenic oasis with many picture worthy moments. A serene energy overcomes you, that leaves you relaxed and in awe. So have your camera ready! There are also beverages available for purchase on the ride, which is nice and convenient. Enjoy a drink while you ride in the ferry enjoying the scenic view. 

Upon arriving at the park, you disembark the ferry to a small pier. Then it is just a short walk to the falls, about 400m. You can grab a spot pretty much anywhere along the shore to put your belongings. We wore our bathing suits there as there aren't many places to change and the park charges visitors to use the bathroom throughout the whole park. It's only about 5-10 kuna, but it's just as easy to wear your swimsuits. There is a bridge that goes over part of the lake and it has the most epic view of the falls.This is the perfect picture spot, and in being so perfect, it is  the reason there are so many people waiting to take their photo. Be patient, it’s worth it. Keep in mind that you will want to keep an eye on your stuff, as there aren't many lockers available. We put our stuff down by a tree that we could see, while we jumped in for a swim. We recommend water shoes as there are rock formations on the bottom and it can be difficult to get a good grip barefoot. The water is the best reward for your travels. There are many people sitting, splashing and enjoying cooling off. We promise this is a waterfall to remember. 

If you are hungry after your swim the park offers food and drink for a reasonable price, an icy cold beer is pretty nice after a dip in the falls. Prefer  to bring your own food? You sure can! There are many picnic tables available. When you decide you’re ready to leave, you can go back to the pier and wait for the ferry back. It comes about every hour, until the park closes. All in all this is the perfect day trip. Please make sure to check out our other blogs. We will be so happy if you give us a follow on our social media platforms (buildtoblossomtravel, buildtoblossom). If you love funny videos we are also on TikTok buildtoblossom. Thank you so much for checking out our blog 

Disclaimer: We were not paid in any way in the writing of this blog.

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